Mostly music-related stuff.

Carnot editor

A live editor for Carnatic music notation using the Carnot typesetting engine. (WORK IN PROGRESS)

Tala keeper

Supports 7x5x5 talas

Steller explorer

A "live coding" environment for toying with steller's scheduler mixing audio and 2D visualizations. (WORK IN PROGRESS)

Nadai change

Change nadai on a click. Maybe useful for practice.

A naïve tuner

Tells you the pitch corresponding to the strongest frequency in the spectrum. Only runs in Chrome Canary as of 19 Oct 2012.

A naïve melograph

A melograph based on the tuner, with tracking thrown in. Only runs in Chrome Canary as of 19 Oct 2012.

Graha bhēdams

A barebones interface to explore the connections between rāgās in terms of graha and śruti bhēdams.


Helper to type characters with diacritic marks.


A HTML5 browser for the Sahānā varnam including SVG notation.

GMM playground

Toying around with using gaussian mixture modeling of spectra for pitch tracking in complex mixed signals.

Gurur Brahma

An interactive presentation of the shloka. Built using the Steller framework.

Canvas explorer

A canvas 2d toy using which you can programmatically create images and save them.

Rhythm engine

A Javascript+WebAudioAPI port of Pete Kellock's rhythm engine.